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Eli Day One

Eli Day One

My sil took this photo of my son the day after he was born. The brush was created from his stamped footprint on a hospital bassinet label.
See Details for supplies.


    So sorry! The details were not captured.

    Inspired By:
    BHG’s The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking - p.112, Design by Katie Pertiet
    Paper:MST_Whitewashed Wedding - scrapgirls.com
    Stitches:TDO_Stitches_Embelli - scrapgirls.com
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    How precious. I like the stitching that you did, and I love the foot prints. Great layout, and oh so sweet baby.
    This is GORGEOUS! It's so professional looking and what a wonderful idea to make a brush of his little prints! How special is that! I love that there's nothing competing with the photo, just complementary mats with great stitching and swirl. Perfect!
    What a precious layout, just perfect.
    How very precious, I love what you did with the layering. Babies are just so adorable. LOVE the feet!
    This is so beautiful and simple. I absolutely love it! And how precious to have a footprint brush of your own baby! (I made one from an ultrasound of my own son that I treasure.)