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Perfect Saturday

While the west is getting pounded with bad weather we are snug together in our little house. I am always thankful that we have a home to protect us from the elements. It made a great day for scrapping, too!




BHA_Spiced Cider

VRA_Type Path



DMI_Divine Arrows

BLO_Blissed Out


STI_Chocolate Kiss

EHI_Bump In The Night

BHA_Persian Breeze

CBA_SS Tools Glitter


Journaling Reads:


Usually as soon as Christmas and New Year celebrations are over I feel this monster let down. I have always LOVED Christmas. Everything is bright and beautiful and even the air seems full of color. Once the tree is down and the lights are gone I feel like life is dark, gloomy and sad. So normally a grey and cloudy day would have been even more depressing. But today was the Perfect Saturday.

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This is what it was like around my house this weekend. That's OK - it was time to take it easy. I love your LO, it looks so comfortable, like the glowing orange color I big pic of window to outside!! It looks really neat with the rain beading up!

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What a great LO. Really gives you a feel of the warmth and security of home. I like the photo of rain drenched window. Adding the tv weather report is so clever! P.S. my Christmas decor hasn't been put away either! LOL!

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This is a really great LO. I love the picture of the window with the rain and the journaling. I can feel the atmosphere. GREAT idea.

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