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Booster club dinner, trying again.

belong to a fundraising group affiliated with an AHL hockey team. We raise money for about 10 or 12 different charities. We have 50-50 raffles, something called "chuck a puck" and other fundraisers. It's a fun, nice group of people. I am making centerpieces for our dinner that we have every winter. It's called the Snowflake dinner and we celebrate our accomplisments with the team, our members and the staff for the team. This is one of the pages. I took the idea from a Scrap Girls newsletter. They used bar coasters but I wanted something much bigger, to fill up the middle of a table for 10. In the middle of the centerpiece will be weighted balloons.


For this I used:


KSC Charm of Christmas 12 x 12 frame off white


VRA hockey EMB stick


VRA hockey 12 x 12 blue words


USC Winter's song transparency snowstorm, used twice.


JoanneBrisbois snowverlays 5 gold


Flakes (?) 1, 2, and 3.


TYO flakeflurry bar snowflake




Each player has his page, with his own picture and team number.


The other remaining 3 pages are all differrent as well.


the insides were decorated with scrap book papers that I had bought either online or at a store and then embellished with stickers, etc. I had a very funny thing happen as my NOT digital scrap paper had a spelling error! They spelled penalty, penatly!! Too funny. I was anal and had to cover up each one with a sticker. Hubby said the players would not notice but I did!! Our son did!!




I have only been in the penatly box once, I was in for 1:30, felt shame and was set free.



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