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Home is...

Home is...

Phew... I think this was the fastest LO I ever made! 18 minutes flat!
I'm at the office, so I only had two collections on my HD here:

"Cozy Collection" from ScrapGirls and
"Festivities" from Ah! designs.

So that's what I used! A little bit from both!

    This is lovely Thess. The "burst" really draws attention to the pic.
    That is loverly Tess. I love it! Love the Victorian house and the burst behind the photo!
    This is great! The little house and the splatter are all you need!

    Love the title!
    You've conveyed the comforting feeling of home and love with those soft colors and the photo. But those red touches add the spark of love and that paint splotch speaks of passion. Lovely.
    I love this layout! Its so simple but so effective! Love the burst behind the photo!