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Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

I may not be done with my 2007 album yet but I figure I can try to keep up with 2008, right?

We went to see the Blue Man Group last night. Wow! They are awesome! This was the traveling group. From what I understand the Las Vegas show is even better. I think we're going to have to spend the dough to see it some day! Anyway, the venue wouldn't let us take our digital cameras in so I was stuck with using what I could find off of their website. No pictures of us but that's okay. It'll still spark the memory ... right?

Supplies in the Details. TFL!

    Good Memory to Scrap, considering you weren't able to get your own shots this is really good. My inlaws saw
    them in Chicago and LOVED them......TFS :D
    Sounds like you had a good time! Great job scrapping a memory without your own photos.
    Some of the kids at my kids' school saw them this past fall--either in Indy or Chicago--and had a blast! I like how you took a situation w/o pix and made a LO anyway--to preserve the memory! That 'wet paint' is a great touch!
    We saw them in Vegas and they were awesome!! Great layout, love your placement of everything!
    What a great LO. If you hadn't mentioned these weren't your own photos, I would never have known.
    Love the placement of the elements and the blue colour of the background with the pictures.
    You did a GREAT job with the LO even if you had to use "stock" photos, you were able to capture the moment! We have seen the Las Vegas show and it is awesome and we highly recommend it for kids of all ages. We've have seen them 3 times now and each time is an experience that we'll never forget! Great job on the LO!