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I Want To Go Home

I Want To Go Home

I want to go home. It is Sunday and we have been in the hospital for 3 days. However, you have jaundice, a severe case. You have been under the lights all day and tonight you will spend overnight in the nursery so that the nurses can keep an eye on you. I want to take you home where I can really be your mommy. My time with you is limited here. They are constantly taking you back to the nursery so that the doctors can examine you and when they do that you are gone for hours.

It has taken all this time and three lactation consultants to figure out what is wrong. You are not eating enough. You had everyone fooled into thinking that you had the hang of breastfeeding, even me! However, the last lactation consultant, Nancy, figured out that you need extra help when you eat. So we are working on that.

My doctor must discharge me by tomorrow evening so if you have to stay you will be moved to the NICU and Daddy and I will live at the hospital. I feel like such a bad parent already. I can't even feed you well enough to take you home. Maybe tomorrow will be our discharge day!

St. Tammany Parish Hospital
Sunday, April 2, 2006

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    How nice that you captured the story of this difficult time, sharing how you felt...

    THanks for sharing!
    Touching journaling! I like that you made the LO look like a file and the lifted photos.
    Your journling is awesome here.
    This is a really neat layout. I love how you used the file folder with the photos clipped to it. Wonderful journaling too.
    This is such a memorable LO. Thanks for sharing with us. I remember what my DS looked like under those lights 13 years ago! Very personal journaling! Sweet.
    Thanks for sharing this LO. Our girls were in the NICU for 2 weeks and both had jaundice for a while. The sight of them under the blue/green lights is emblazened in my memory, but we never got a picture of either of them with the greenish glow around them (we were pretty out of sorts after a pretty tumultuous preterm delivery). I love your pictures and your frank thoughts on the whole breastfeeding situation. We mommies can carry so much guilt around when it comes to how we care for our kiddos. Glad you could get it down on paper (or at least digi! LOL!).

    Thanks again,
    What wonderful, heart felt journaling! Such a great capture of the moment and the pictures are wonderful too! (now that it's long past and you obviously got to bring him home) Love the hand written font on the file folder complete with label. Looks great!
    Oh...very touching your loving words to your baby. I like how you placed your photos in the upper corner on the file with lifted photo frames and clip. Nice LO.
    I love the honesty in the journaling. And I love the file idea. Thanks.