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End of an Era

End of an Era

My husband has been laughing at me for scrapbooking a picture of our old car seat, but here it is anyway!

I used:
EHI_Enchanted_Brush set

Journaling reads:
You were a pretty important part of our household for 10 years. You kept all four of our babies safe, and you were Nicoleís favorite place to hang out and sleep. I have to admit though, you havenít been one of my favorite household items - I eagerly watched the scale, waiting for that magical 20 pounds when we could store you away for the next baby.
Then it was Tylerís turn to reach 20 pounds. There werenít going to be any more babies to store you for, and besides, you had reached the end of your life expectancy. The obvious thing to do would be to send you out to the bin in the alley. Surprisingly though, that was harder than it seemed. You sat in the storage room for another year, till finally I had tripped over you enough, I was ready to send you on your way. I felt sort of silly at the almost shed tears as I headed out with you, but Iíve realized that it really wasnít you I was crying over. As much as we are ready to move on to a new stage in life, there is a part of me that is sad that we will never again have a need for something to keep our brand new babies safe. The tears were not for a piece of plastic and fabric, but for the end of an era. (Picture taken June15/07, journaling January/08)


    Oh my goodness! I LOVE your journaling! I love that you scrapped this. Tell your DH to quite snickering. I can so relate. We are waiting to get rid of any of our baby stuff. We are giving it one more go to have a 4th but I have kind of put a time limit on it. I feel like I am getting old. It it doesn't happen by the fall then I too will be saying goodbye to an era. Love the LO. Thanks for sharing it!
    That journaling is so sweet. I wouldn't make fun of you. and the way you used your brushes, even a car seat photo is beautiful.
    Great journaling!
    And what a precious memory!
    Im crying!!!! What a precious layout, i dont think its silly at all. Im kinda like that about the baby stuff... I love that you took a photo of it before you took it out!! Very beautiful blues surrounding it, makes the journaling that more touching!

    Sometimes its worth passing something like this on to a family who can use it instead of binning it. I totally understand how you feel and I know my Rebekah would too.
    I agree with everybody, this is a wonderful piece about something that you (and most mothers) are sentimental about. I think that it is so special that you scrapped these feelings tugging at your heart-strings. I wish I took the time to do more of that instead of brushing them out to the curb with the discarded baby furniture.
    (on a lighter note, you should have seen me looking at the thumbnail in the gallery TRYING to figure out what that shape was in your picture... a mannequin head with headphones on? a cashmere sweater? Can I use this as a justification to get a bigger monitor?)
    What a great idea for a LO! It was just a couple of days ago I was looking at all of dd's out-grown stuff in our basement - the high chair, crib, playpen, etc. It breaks my heart to get rid of them because it means she's growing up and doesn't need them anymore and there will be no more babies for us! I think it's great you got this journaling on a LO!
    Oh Sheri this is just a beautiful LO. This is so what scrapping is all about!!! the memories. You have captured a beaut one here and the journalling is just fabulous. Well done on an awesome LO and thanks for sharing it with us all. Many of us will relate to this.
    What a wonderful memory/moment captured. I LOVE your journaling... I had similar feelings myself, so I could totally relate!
    This is a great idea! I can feel with you. I was so happy to take out the 'plastic' again when we had our 3rd baby. We want a forth one later on next year and I can feel with you. I have to take that step too one day. My DH said to me a few weeks ago 'I think you just want to have babies to keep all that baby stuff.' They don't understand anything, do they?
    Love the doodles on your LO.