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Chocolate Fondue Before Christmas Dinner


© Wendee Pease

Chocolate Fondue Before Christmas Dinner

We love to do fondue around the holidays. In 2007 prior to Christmas dinner we started the chocolate fondue pot and it was a hit! Wilton's melting chocolate is so easy and the Wilton Chocolate Pro melting pot is simple to use and a breeze to clean up! I love it! We ate the strawberries and raspberries before I got my camera out, but as far as I'm concerned almost anything is better dipped in chocolate.

My brother in law decided to test that theory and dipped some fresh steamed crab in the chocolate. He didn't hate it, but it was not something I was willing to try.

My daughter (the one in the green shirt) fell in love with chocolate dipping. Since I was the one taking pictures I didn't get caught in the act of over indulging myself, but don't think I was left out. Mmmmmmm, it was too good to miss!

I used PhotoShop CS3 to create this layout. I had fun creating the chocolate bar embellishment and red fondue text myself. The bg paper is TDO_VintageXmas_Ppr_Reindeer.jpg.

    Fun page & photos :) Great w/ the chocolate bar and the cut out of the fondue pot!