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Ode to a froggy.

Ode to a froggy.

Last Christmas my son got me a grow a frog. It was a friendly reminder gift of all the early childhood fun things we did when the kids were little and I was running daycare in my home. You name it, we did it. A mess was made, fun was had and learning was a pleasant bonus. So, last night when froggy passed, I was sad. Granted, the first thing my hubby wanted to know was did we need to get more. :disappearing-smilie: No, not really, there are two frogs left but this one was the original. I am such a goober.

I used:
A rockwell rasberry dreams papers and paintstroke.
J Crowley comic junkie brads
Tcs naturescape word art growth, Imagine and Sweet.
ABR scenicroute emb ribbonheart brown and emb ribbon ric rac tan.

By the way, my son is almost 15, my daughters are 19 and 21 now.

    I love that ribbon heart!