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Swirly brains.

Swirly brains.

I've been having this terrible sinus infection for weeks now. Finally got the "ghost buster sample" cultured and found out that I had a staph infection in my sinuses. Miserable is a good word for it. Laying on the couch, complaining to family that I would die there and they do not know how to do anything. Thankfully, turns out, I'm gonna live. Silly me.

I used:
Dielle two turtle doves painted paisley
Kmill swirl 3
Kmill wrapped ribbon 1
PTM A manningcream cross stitches
Ladybug ribbon holder
EHI book worm 12 x 12
BHA stylize Ebell 1 cancelation stamp


    LOL....what a crazy LO. I like that you tried to imagine what it would be like by scrapping a LO of this time in your life.
    I love it!! very sinussy
    Always wondered what I could use that paper for! Neat layout. Hope you are feeling better now.
    Certainly an unusual subject to scrap but I love it! I love all the turmoil going on in the LO. The crazy fun design on the background and I'm guessing that paisley patch is representing the miserable staph germ. Way to scrap through a tough situation. We see so many LOs about cute babies or happy times (which is natural since we all want to preserve our best memories) but it is refreshing to see a LO about a not so pretty or cute subject.
    I must commend you for scrapping about your not so fun sinus infection! :) And I think you did a great job trying to portray it with the crazy paper and general "hodge-podge-ness" (is that a word?) of the LO. :P Hope you had fun making it and that you're feeling better now!
    Too funny! What a great way to make a not so fun thing funny! LOL!! Unfortunately I can relate to this one! 'Tis one way to get the mind off of the real issue at hand--scrap a LO!
    Sinus infections are no fun at all. Hope yours is long gone by now. Great way to scrap it. Creative page.
    Great lo! And so real!!
    What a great way to pass some uncomfortable time...scrapping. This is so much fun, love that paper!
    Interesting subject!! I like your layout though!