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HOAR FROST - DEC 26, 2007

We awoke to a Winter Wonderland, the day after Christmas, and my itchy finger could not stop snapping pictures!

I did the layout for the Monday Jan 8th Challenge; but thought it might get more viewing by nature lovers here :)

I'm slow and not a prolific scrapper, so I need to make the most out of anything accomplished :snow_laugh: LOL!


These are just a few, that I played with in PSE5 - All the pics can be seen "au naturel" for the most part at:


Hoar Frost


Camera: Nikon D50; Software: PSE5;


Background Paper: CFR_JLR_SchoolColors


Background photo of the Frost crystals after they began to fall to the ground.

Corners also from our own Maple trees that day!


The deer (there were 3 - but did not get into focus until #2 came by) a special moment. All in all a special memory!

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I was just roaming through the Gallery and came across this wonderful layout that you did. Winter is my most favorite time of year and sometimes I really miss it. I live in Los Angeles, but I'm originally from New York. Just love the photos and they really make you feel frosty and cold. The background paper is wonderful and so are the snowflakes. The dear photo is wonderful, as all of the photos are.


Thanks for sharing.

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