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For Shirley

For Shirley

This is my LO for Shirley in NJ. Thanks for the experience!


    Wow! This is beautiful! Hope Shirley enjoys it.
    What beautiful colors! You did a great job, I know she will love it! Your brush work is beautiful and I love your tags! :)
    What a beautiful setting for some great photographs! She will love what you have done!!
    What a truely beautiful layout. You colours compliment the photos so well. Great job and Im sure your partner is going to love what you have done.

    This is a beautiful LO. I love the colors you used to match perfectly with the pictures.
    Just beautiful!! Love the layered leaves.
    I love the layered leaves, I love your brushes, I love the photos, I love the colors you choose to go with the photos; this is just a great and beautiful LO! I just know your partner will just love it!
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is my favorite time of the year and you have captured this so wonderfully!
    This is a Great Fall LO... of course fall is a fav time of year for me. The Colors, The Trees, Wonderful... Great LO!!!
    Wow what pretty colours both in the photos and on the LO.