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CC's Trip to Glacier Bay

CC's Trip to Glacier Bay

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a crazy day so this is going on a little early just in case I get tied up and can't do it tomorrow. Hope you like it CC. I enjoyed making it and learning about Glacier Bay. What a stunning place! Hope to see it someday, too! Thanks for doing the swap. It was great fun!

Journaling: We were actually in Glacier Bay all day from 6:00 am until 5:00 pm. Great views around every corner and WOW the glaciers were huge!!! I will never get over the blue color of the glaciers. A plus with Princess is that four US Park Rangers were on board talking to us all the way around the Bay so we had a guided tour not only of the glaciers but also the bay wildlife; puffin, seals, whales, bears and white mountain goats…who could ask for more…


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    Wow! That really sounds like an awsome trip! The photo is incredible and I love the map and the journaling paper! :D
    Great LO. I love the card under the picture and the gray and 'icy' colors you used.
    Beautiful Layout! CC will just love this so much, I just know! I love your colors and composition!
    YES!!! I do love it!!! Thank you so much Tracy Hey may I scraplift? Really anyone who can should see the natural wonders of the World!!! I know you enjoy the Beauty of it working and living in Zion Country.
    Love of the blue and the log Great...
    Thanks Partner!!!
    My word there sure are some beautiful places in the world!!! This looks like a must visit place.
    I love the background~the stripes look just like the stripes on the glaciers! The journaling make me want to take a cruise, too. Beautiful photos and beautiful layout!
    What a beautiful layout to highlight this gorgeous photo, I love all the embellishments and fantastic choice of colors.
    Beautiful, the blue really sets off the photo and it makes me want to shiver!!!
    I love your use of the map. I have been wanting to include a map in one of my LO's and seeing this has given me a great idea!
    WOW excellent job here this is really beautiful!!! wonderful creativness !!!