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Tian Shan

Tian Shan

After 9 weeks of living in Kostanai, Kazakhstan and waiting to get custody of our son,
we finally traveled to Almaty, Kazakhstan for our visas to go home. We looked at the
beautiful mountains everyday out our balcony but had no way of getting up there. Our
translator/guide offered to take us up there and out to lunch on our last day in Almaty.
It was our first actual sight seeing event on this whole journey. It was colder than
expected so I took off my sweatshirt and wrapped it around our new baby boy
to keep you warm. The mountains were beautiful but what made it extra
special was seeing them as a family. Aidan, your birth land is
beautiful but falls in
comparison to your

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    WOW. Great pictures and the LO is so beautiful. Love the type for the title and the ribbon with the little picture and the journaling written on the blue sky.
    What an amazing country!!! Beautiful journalling!!
    Awwe after reading thejournaling I got goose bumps Thanks for sharing this beautiful lo & lovely natures beauty!!

    Jen these pictures are wonderful - I like the way you stitched the top 2 together and placed the ribbon holding the smaller photo and your journaling is awesome!
    Just gorgeous! Love the way the top two photos are stitched together and placed over the larger one. What magnificent mountains! The ribbon is a great touch and the journaling is soooo sweet ... I loved reading this heartfelt story. I really love that style font you chose for the title ... perfect!
    Very pretty. I really like how you stitched the top photos together.
    How beautiful and what a touching story! I'm sure Zaz will love it (If I have the right one I am thinking about!)
    Wow, what amazing photos! I'm so glad you had a chance to do some sightseeing. I love the layout. Just enough embellishments but not overpowering the photos. Great job and thanks for joining the swap!
    Beautiful photos and I love the simplicity of the layout. Very nice.
    I could really feel the emotional connection between the journaling, the photos and the lo. GREAT job!