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For Janine - Patty Gordon Lake


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For Janine - Patty Gordon Lake

Well, this has been frustrating to say the least. I needed to transfer my LO from one computer to the other and my stuff wasn't about to talk to each other. Soooooo, I decided last night to start over. Yup, start over. And my DH doesn't really like this one all that much (not a fan of circles), but it's what I've got so it's getting posted. I LOVED Janine's photos (I might still get the other LO posted when I get things fixed). I'm a sucker for trees and water (hence the reason I live where I do).

So, without further ado, here is what we have going on:

Paper and some embellishments: Naturescape Colletion Biggie by Thao Cosgrove (some parts altered and recolored)

Style: Unique 5140 Biggie by Durin Eberhart (recolored)

Pine Twigs: by the white pine in my front yard (he does good work)

Fonts: Brush Script Std and Bradley Hand

Sketch: #8 (turned) from Marnie Adams book "Scrapbooking 911: 20 Sketches to Revitalize Your Digital Scrapbooking"

Journaling reads: "A foggy morning is the perfect addition to a hot cup of coffee"
"He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters,
He restores my soul. Psalm 23:2-3a"

All done in PSCS2 on my sweet iMac (who's not talking to the MacBook at the moment).

Thanks for looking!

    This is gorgeous Carol Ann. I love green and burgendy together. The pine twigs are an awesome touch. Im not a big fan of circles either but you have done a fantastic job with Marnie's sketch. This is a beautiful layout and thanks for joining in on the swap.

    What a beautiful photo! I love the colors you chose and all the embellishments. Not sure about the circle myself, But I do like how the title curves around it and without the title would have nothing to curve around.....hmmmm. Maybe if things were shifted more to the bottom right and not so much in the center. I don't know. Other than that, I love it!!
    Zaz, (I like to call you that because as I told you before that was my husband's grandmother's name/title) I really like this layout! I don't think I have used this color scheme before and it is so pretty. Janine's photo is spectacular. I think this photo just a little offset in your circle is very attractive. You had such a good idea to use your own tree needles. I will have to remember that trick.

    Zaz ... I have been watching for your LO. I really really like this. With your BG color choice and the photo ... it's like looking right through the picture .. the effect is very mesmerizing. I love the pine and I LOVE CIRCLES ... so this is very, very pleasing to me! Love the journaling and the scripture!!!!
    Well Carol Ann it must just be me but for the life of me I cant figure that photo out!! Obviously others can but nope not me! I do like the background and the poem about coffee though.

    Well Carol Ann it must just be me but for the life of me I cant figure that photo out!! Obviously others can but nope not me! I do like the background and the poem about coffee though.

    Hmm...not sure what you're trying to figure out. It's a canoe resting on a piece of shield rock next to a lake with trees in the background. :) Oh, and there is fog. That might be the problem. :) Thanks, though. The words were Janine's. :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only circle person on the planet. I'd put them in almost every layout if I didn't think they would drive everyone nuts. Most of the design credit goes to Marnie, though, since it was one of her sketches that I used. I can tell this is NOT my most popular layout. I'm hoping that at least Janine likes it. Now where did she go?

    Zaz, I really like this layout - I love the burgundy circle as the base for the photo and the journaling. The scripture is wonderful and I love how you wrapped the title around the circle - I really love the burgundy and green and (by the way I am going to scraplift the fresh pine needles idea - so cute) I love Janine's photo, if I didn't know better I would think it was taken down back by the river. Beautiful!
    I love it! The background color is perfect for the photo. The circle is a great accent and the pine twigs are awesome! Great job on this layout. I'm sorry you had so much trouble! Thanks for joining the swap!
    This LO is so calm and serene- as if I was looking out the window at it... The colors are perfect for capturing the feel of the photo and the details you used added so much nice texture to the LO! Love the "inked"/mossy feeling edge of the photo!
    ZAZ I'VE GOT IT!! Fresh eyes this morning!! I was just looking at it and then it was like it all appeared. You probably think I'm nuts (along with everyone else) But it is a beautiful peaceful looking photo. Phew I'm pleased that came clear to me!!