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This is only the 2nd digital layout I've ever done - so PLEASE, if you see any way for me to improve it, please let me know!!!


    Shirley I think this LO is adorable, I love that song and the paper you have used is perfect - I love the mesh heart and the swirls and I like what you have done with that precious pricture! Very nice!
    Wow, the background is fabulous! I love that song. The embellishments are cute and that photo is adorable! Thanks for joining the swap!
    The background "paper" is actually one of the 2 photos Amy sent me for the swap.

    Thanks, ladies.

    Any constructive criticism????
    This is great!! Amazing to think this is only your second LO. You have used some neat technquies already. Thats one gorgeous little photo you have there.
    Shirley - Thanks for the LO! I think it looks fabulous! I love what you did with the picture for the background. I love it!

    What a relief!!
    I'm so torn about it. There're things I really don't like about it, and a couple that I do. :disappearing-smilie: Maybe I've just been looking at it too long.

    If there's anything you want me to change, just let me know.
    Shirley, you are so talented! I am so envious! Great lo...just gorgeous!!!!

    Shirley, this is only your second layout? Well cheers to you!

    The only thing I think I would've done differently is make the words smaller and the little photo bigger. But the most wonderful thing around here is that we are all different and like different things and everyone still gets along. Hey, I even have some non-circle-loving friends (see my entry)! I think you are doing just great!