tee shirt for my daughter's big 21st birthday

I am making this as a tee shirt for my daughter's 21st birthday. She is very active at her college in rights for many different people and I hope she likes it.


I am using Adobe elements 3.0

Aneal Stand up pp4

clockface 2 Jen Wilson png

clockface 5 Jen Wilson png

Never ever Taylor made png

Ehi destinations emb Kraft paper

DMI SSemb typo wave love png

A Rockwell rasberry dreams stitching png x 2

hand 4 Jen Wilson png

Hand 3 Jen Wilson png

Lilach oren wing png

abr scenic route emb cardboard 1 png


Feel free to say if you think I should change anything. I'm still not quite better yet and things are still "swirly" from the infection in my sinuses. I had a cat scan last week, waiting on results. I also need to find the right size paper for printing this out to make the tee shirt. I only have the normal tee shirt paper size and I would like to make it a little bigger.

thanks, Val.

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I forgot to add that I used ANeal quote 2 in there as well.

Sigh, I have got to make these notes when I make these pages!! Scrolling down through the goodies is way too much work. Especially when your head is all ready as swirly as mine.

I am such a goober.


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Thanks, I appreciate it.


I'm looking for a larger size tee shirt paper so I can print it out bigger than 8 x 8. I have to go to AC Moore, or call the craft stores today!


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This is beautiful! I love the idea for printing on a T-shirt. Your daughter will love it.

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Thank you. I was searching for the right sized paper and could not find any locally. Even quilting transfer paper with no luck. I finally went to cafepress.com uploaded the picture to a long sleeved tee, and voila! It was not that expensive at all and is on it's way here all ready. I put the design on a black tee shirt. I can not wait to see how it looks. I am amazed at the gorgeous pages people make here.


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