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My first running race - it won't be the last

My first running race - it won't be the last

I ran my first 5k the other day and wow it was exhilerating. I understand why Runner's magazine says it is addicting. I will do many more in my future. It also solidified my mantra - I AM A RUNNER!!! Sounds silly but it was a defining moment in my life and I want to remember it always. This is where it all started.

I used the Commotion kit, Time Piece Watch AYO, and My Own Topher Font.

Enjoy the page and I hope it inspires you to find your mantra for your life.

    I also used the Table Manners set for the staples and the MST Inked Edges for the green paper. Sorry I left those out.

    Great way to commemorate a "first" in your life. Nice job.
    Awesome - congrats!!!
    Great LO. I love all the papers and embellis you used. The clock is a good idea and the little pictures of the running shoes. Cool!
    Nice job! I like the little insets focussing on the runners. Congratulations! (Now I'm going to point something out because it would drive me crazy if it was my lo and I printed it before I noticed - you have a typo in the journalling - the s & the i are switched around.)
    Great job! Great pics! Cool use of the clocks too :D :D
    This is a really fun LO Bethany. Congratulations on doing the 5K.
    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. I love all the little detail photos. Great job!
    Congratulations, Bethany! That is quite an accomplishment, especially in 42 degrees. I loved your photos, journaling, and the clocks!
    Congratulations on your great accomplishment! Great LO too!