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Our Emma

Here is LO # 2

I am finally starting to get the hang of PSE 5.

The background of the photo had really strong coloured curtains so I thought I would try the smudge tool (I think thats what I used). I was really happy with the finish. I tried adding product info into the program as I went but incase it didnt work I have also listed them here.


Thanks for looking













LCO_EdgingBrushes1-Grunge #2083

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Beautiful, Ruth! This was so worth the time and effort you put into it! You did a fantastic job with the smudge tool and I just love the ink frame. Emma is beautiful and I'm sure she will love this LO...definitely not kiddie, but more teenager oriented. Don't feel bad, I still take hours to do a LO (many of us do!)--who cares how long it takes...just enjoy the process...in the end, you have a wonderful memory!

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Great job on this! You matched the SS paper perfectly with Keri's paper, and everything looks balanced. I love that dragonfly!

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Your time was well worth it. This looks beautiful. Love your paper choice, and the framing around your DD's photo. All the chipboards wordart is perfect here. Great job.

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What a wonderful layout, and you used the smudge tool (if that is what it's called) to perfection. My first LO took me an entire day too and it wasn't near as good as yours ... I kind of look it as every time I make a mistake I learn something new whether it be good or bad. I love your LO, the colours, the shading, the photo ... your daughter no doubt loves it too! Keep up the excellent work!

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This is beautiful. I love the idea of the smudge tool on the background photo. Will keep that in mind! I especially love the dragonfly!

Beautiful young lady!

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Wow, that smudge tool looks like it did the trick for you. The background is so smooth and blends so well with the colors :)

great trick ! tfs

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