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Portrait de famille web copy.jpg

Portrait de famille web copy.jpg

Used this month's collection... Please critique...


P.S. Do I have to list all items I used or just the collection?

    What did I do wrong? the frame looks funny...!

    I am not sure what program you are using, but it appears you may have applied a bevel to the frame?? or maybe an outer glow or something! It is a wonderful photo and I love the red paper here!
    Yes it looks like a bevel. Love how you recolored the torn border!
    I LOVE the look you captured on his little face! Just precious. Also the green and blue in the background paper add interest without being distracting and are a good color choice for the layout.
    Oh my! What a great face you captured on your little boy! Fabulous picture! You did a nice job with the LO. I like the red background. It looks so soft and shimmery.
    This is so pretty--amd there's a lot of dimension here! I like the marble piece you added, and the flower is a perfect touch. Sweet photo, too!
    (If the frame is not how you intended, I'm guessing you did an outer bevel, making it look like the frame is raised from the layer below it, instead of an inner bevel, which would just give dimension to the frame itself.)
    Great photo! Fun LO.
    Such a wonderful expression on your little guy. Your LO looks great. And if everything was from the same kit you can just list the kit.