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It's All In The details p2

It's All In The details p2

This is for Amy (Amysout). I've left space for her own journaling, but this is about a project/painting that Amy did in 2000 at college.
The illustration was an assignement practicing reproduction of an image in one of her classes. And at the end of the semester this was
shown at the "Inner Arc", an Interior Design Expo in Nashville.

I wanted to keep it simple to let Amy's illustration take center stage!

Background is from Syndee Nuckles' "Collage Art Paper Mini"
Art supplies and word art (blended) are from Shalae Tippetts' "Fall Watercolors Collection Mini"
Stamped alpha from Brandy Hackman's "A little worn out"

Painting and photos by "Amysout"

Fonts are Satisfaction and StamPete

    Thanks Thess! I love the warm neutral background & how all the pix are balanced! You left some great space for my journaling!
    Such a beautiful thing to look at. Your lo gives me such a warm, happy feeling. And, what a blessing to have such talent Amy! Between the two of you I really enjoyed this!
    These are both beautifully done! What gorgeous paintings you had to work with!
    Wonderful LO Thess! I absolutely love what you have done with the painting and the little pictures on the left!
    I said it on the 1st page !! but let me say it again.....Way cool!!! slick idea & I love what you did here!!!

    Thess - you did keep it simple BUT simple and beautiful is more precise - I love the balance of the pictures! Wonderful 2 page layouts for Amy awesome talents!
    Thess, wonderful 2 page layout for Amy's wonderful pictures!
    Beautiful balance, nice composition = great layout!

    Amy - you are a talented artist!!!

    Great layout!
    What gorgeous paintings! I love the organization of the whole layout! Great job, Thess!