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Feb Swap Crop - web.jpg

Feb Swap Crop - web.jpg

I'm sooo sorry I couldn't make the chat...again. :-(

Here’s my layout for Lynn (jonjonsmom). I hope you like it! I had to think about how to combine quilting with reading Steven King books! Then I decided that you’d probably like to snuggle (or hide!) under a quilt when reading such scary books!


BG – BHA Stylize
Papers in quilt – DEB Vista Montana; KSC Gathered Beauty
Stitches – TKA LYO Brushes Slip Stitches
Buttons – EHI Embel Tmpl Forties Buttons
Styles – CBA Styles Stitching
Brushes – LCO Grunge Patterns Brush
Text – Primer Print; Cheap Fire; Due Date; Alison

    This is really cool. I like the way you combined the two. Great job on a beautiful layout.
    This is so nice! I love how these swaps helps us know each other. What a beautiful quilt and such a beautiful lo!
    Beautiful LO. Love the blending how you composed the page, the stitching , everything... Great job!
    Too cool!! excellent way of showing her favorites in a lo like this!!! & KILLER sewing machine!!!!!!!

    Heather, Wow I love how you blended the picture of the books into the background paper and the use of a different color and font for the BUMP (word), AND I love the bottom half of the layout just as much as the top - love the buttons, the slipped stitches - WOW, wonderful layout for Lynn's wonderful pictures!
    I just love everything about this LO! The background paper, how you blended the pic of the books, the title, all the little details, how you arranged and placed the journaling. It's just so well put together.
    Heather - I love how you combined the two subjects to make one great layout! It is a great read! The composition is wonderful. I love how you sweep the subjects eye across your layout going from a scary author (whom I adore and have all his first editions as well since I was able to read as well) to a comfortable snuggly blanket to keep away the scary monsters your mind might envoke after reading his material. This is a beautiful layout Heather!
    I think you did a great job combining the two and it looks great!
    Beautiful job on this! You did a great job combining the two topics. I love the stitches and buttons. Thanks for joining the swap!
    Good job on putting this all together! Love the blended book photo. The stitching is the perfect touch.