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Leaf Jumping

Leaf Jumping

I remember being SO excited to do my first Photoshop digital page. This is one of a double page spread, but you get the idea. I just couldn't believe how real the embellishments could look and not add bulk!

Photoshop 6

Font: Melanie BT

bg_fallenleaf2_maya paper
bg_grungyplaid_maya paper

    Isn't the flatness factor cool? One of my friends likes to look at my 2007 scrapbook (150+ LO's) and she feels all the pages to see if they are "real" or digital! (Half the year is traditional- I found the way in August!) I think your stick frames are awesome. This LO is great!
    great action shot! isn't digi great with all the elements and none ever weighing a thing or falling off!?
    great color choices with your LO nice job
    nice color choices!
    and yes, isn't it neat how the embellishments look so real? almost like the little boy....jumping right off the page!