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This is actually a "do-over". I didn't like the look that the bevel had on the papers behind the frame (it was all the same file). So I duplicated the layer for the frame and eraced the papers from the top layer and then added the bevel to the frame. I put a drop shadow on the layer behind the beveled frame. I like it much better.


Oh, and I had to change the name for my uncle because I named the wrong one in the photo. :oops:


Created using PSE5 using the following:











Font: CK Elegant

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Lovely layout! I really like the newsprint effect in the background-- don't know quite what to call it, but it's very cool.

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Much better...the changes are almost subtle but if you look at each page side by side you can really see the differences. Love it!

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I love this page! Your changes are subtle but well placed. Your composition is wonderful!

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Beautiful layout, Brenda. I have to admit that I can't really tell much difference (other than the name!!) between this one and your first version, but I'm sure in full size the details jump out at you.

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