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I am so excited to try "painting" on my digital layouts. My husband bought me this huge Wacom Intuos pad for Christmas and I'm just now trying it out. It's fabulous!


The LO is a lift from Ashley Calder's "Today" as published in Somerset Memories, Feb/Mar 2008, page 77.


Unfortunately, I can't give proper credit on the papers because I changed computers and upgraded to Vista. When I did, the file folders got screwed up and I don't know where anything came from.



1. Use wide sweeping brush strokes in white over the background paper. Choose a brush which looks like a white-washed fence. Afterwards apply a "glow" filter.


2. Use various colors of green for the grass in narrow stokes. Then apply a wide watercolor brush to paint in the peaks. Afterwards apply a color pencil filter.


3. For the car and plane, use a narrow brush for the outline and then color in with a wider water color brush in a lighter color.


4. Use a water color brush in brown for the road.


5. The house is merely a long rectangle with the door and windows cut out and then filled with a background paper. There is an art stroke edge applied to it next.


6. The windows and doors are then separate shapes filled in and then layered behind the house.


7. The triangle roof is made from the same elements around the photo. I believe these came from another website.


8. The awning has a skewed shadow to give it a pointing outward appearance. Its shape is derived by making a rectangle and then giving it a stamped border. The shape that I need is then cutout and filled in with the paper.


9. For the swirls, a watercolor filter is applied and then tiny bits of color are cutout by using the color wand. Then the entire swirl is filled with black and then a final charcoal filter is applies to give it a more stamped look.


Program: Microsoft Digital Image

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An amazing layout! I love all the art work, and the b & w photo is just perfect! I know you're having fun with your new toy, it really shows. Thanks for giving so much detailed information - I wish more people would do this!

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Love, love, LOVE your LO! What a whimsical, fun page! I've been dying to get the Wacom Intuos3...maybe you've inspired me to take the plunge!

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