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Volcano (finished--I promise)

Volcano (finished--I promise)

Well, I learned to delete things off the Message board. Some of you may have see this page posted twice now. Once with the Title misspelled then the second time with it fixed. I really had no intention of posting it a third time...but, I got some great advice from "PBarnes" how I could improve it. I messed with it some more and it was so much better I just could not stand that everyone was seeing the other version. So here it is... again.

As I wrote before: This is my 4th page ever, I just started with Digital Scraping and I am learning my way around PSE 6.0. I really explored the different PSE image enhancements. I can't really tell you all that I did with this -- I played a lot. But for the Volcano in the picture, I used the Magic Wand Tool, the Paint Bucket Tool, and the Band-Aid Tool. The products I used for this were:
MRE_Downtown_BrushSet, BVA_Grungelle_BrushSet, BHA_PersianBreeze Biggie, VRA_Avalon_collection, MJO_Canada_PaperBiggie, MRE_SSDowntown Paper Template (Park), and MRE_SSTools_PhotoBasics.

I am posting this because I was so pleased with the results of my efforts... but I would love constructive criticism on where I can improve. I really am so excited about Scrap Girls-- everyone is so friendly and nice, it is such a nice community.

    You've done very well!
    the finished result is awesome and I love the colors!
    I like this MUCH better. Good job. I think the photo stands out much better and the journaling shows up better too.

    I am pretty new to digiscrapping too. I LOVE SG and their products. This is a great LO and the colours are wicked. I also LOVE what you have done with the photo. :penguins:
    love what you have done with the effects and colors~what a fab glow on the volcano!way2go!
    Gorgeous color here!! I like the photo being color enhanced and B/W background. Love that paper--wow! Wonderful LO!!