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DBacks Spring Training

DBacks Spring Training

I took a gazillion photos at the game and when I saw these I knew I had to use them in a LO. Getting the logo just right was the most difficult task but I think I finally got it right and I learned a little more about what PSE5 can do - always a good thing! Would love to know what you all think.

Created in PSE5 using the following:
DiamondBacks logo downloaded from the internet
Fonts - CK Weathered Stamp, LB Fresco

    Very cool!! I love using photo strips...

    Your layout makes me want to scrap some baseball photos...

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    hi arizona angel,
    i really love the sequence movement of the photos
    i doing great ~ keep it up girl hope to see more of you..
    Hey! I just got back from there... we saw the Padres take on the Mariners, Brewers, Royals and Cubs. It was great, and we're planning on going again next year! I love what you did here, it really captures the excitement of the game. Great job!
    That looks great! Awesome photos, great job with the logo! Love all the red! :)
    This is Fantabulous!
    What an awesome LO ! I love the rich colors and the photos are great !
    Nice job! I love baseball, so of course I love your LO! Love the use of the photo strips.
    Great layout!

    I don't know why I'm amused by that one guy on the ground. lol Great action shots!
    Great job with this! I love how you "circled" first base! You did a fabulous job with the logo and the photo strip too!

    Go D-Backs!