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A Good Big Brother

Tobias practices his reading everyday with his father. Ella is fascinated by her brother Tobias' ability to read. She finally figured out how to use his new talent to her advantage. I just love this picture of "my two men" with their noses in a Fairy book-- it is really clear how much influence she really has in the house.


I work on PSE 6.0 and for this LO I used:


VRA_Avalon Collection

TCS_OrnamentalInk Brushset

MST_SSTools_Actions_Photos that Pop PSE 1801

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Guest Debbyo

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Too cute for words. I really like the colours that you've picked and the little whismy of the fairy for the fairy tales.

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So cute.

And I laughed at you mentioning these two GUYS with noses buried in a fairy book. lol

The layout looks awesome!

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I just love everything about this! :wub: The colours, the fairies the flower in her hand. It's adorable. I'll stop gushing now :P

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I like how you cut around the chair and the people. Very cute. Great collection to use with fairy book.


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How COOL is this! Never thought of using the wings as part of the fairies...you taught me something I didn't know. I love it!

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