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gizmo page two

it is hard for me to come up with ideas when i am scrapping a ton of pics with the same theme, like honeymoon photos. it will be interesting trying to get the wedding ones done. at first i really wanted continuity thru out the album, but i think i will get bored doing that and it will be boring to look at.


i am please with how this page looks

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You did a great job with the out of bounds photo and I love the background paper you used. What a pretty bird.

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These two layouts are great. Parrots/macaws have such fantastic colours. Your trees, sand and straw matting are great. Thanks for the ideas.

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This layout is so adorable. Love the photos of Gizmo and the mat frames are wonderful. Also love how you did the palm tree on the background and the placement of the flower is great.

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