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About to Pop!

TCS Friendship Kit

Inked Edges Styles Tool



Made on Photoshop

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Love that photo, the hands like a heart. Sweet! Love the colors you used to scrap it and the composition of the page. Beautiful!

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I just LOVE this layout! Wish I had done something like this when I was pregnant - never mind, I wont be getting pregnant again just to do a scraplift! LOL

Love the heart with your hands and the colors that you've used!

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O, yes...

I took the picture like this just when my sister was pregnant... I was very regret that haven't the same shot with me...

Great decoration!

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Wonderful layout! Love the colors and patterns you chose. It all works together so well. Rounding the photo corners was a great idea to echo the rounded belly!

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what a treasure. great job.


my son graduates from high school this year and i did a scrap book called "i hope" for her and i plan on doing one for my son. i have a belly picture a couple of days before he was born. i would like that to be the starting page. hoping he wont be all ewwww thats nasty mom. oh well that grossed out stage wont last forever!


how everyone is healthy and happy and you are finally able to sleep!

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