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About to Pop!

About to Pop!

TCS Friendship Kit
Inked Edges Styles Tool

Made on Photoshop

    Love that photo, the hands like a heart. Sweet! Love the colors you used to scrap it and the composition of the page. Beautiful!
    What a fun page. I love everything about it. And congrats on only gaining 20 lbs. I always gain 30+
    I just LOVE this layout! Wish I had done something like this when I was pregnant - never mind, I wont be getting pregnant again just to do a scraplift! LOL
    Love the heart with your hands and the colors that you've used!
    Conrats on the page it is truely great!!! love the bright colors!!!

    O, yes...
    I took the picture like this just when my sister was pregnant... I was very regret that haven't the same shot with me...
    Great decoration!
    Yep, I couldn't help but add this to my favorites!!! I love everything about it!!!! SO CUTE!
    This is adorable! What a great event to scrap...I love the colors you used and the way you placed your elements.
    Wonderful layout! Love the colors and patterns you chose. It all works together so well. Rounding the photo corners was a great idea to echo the rounded belly!
    Wonderful colors! That's one of my favorite types of preggo pics. What a great page!
    love love love love love this.
    the layering. the way you've dated it over your belly. the pic. everything