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kld_fall BJM.jpg

kld_fall BJM.jpg

My VERY 1st LAYOUT!!! It took forever, but I did it!! I had to re-install my scanner's software, then scan the photo, then correct and enhance the photo. Pick the elements, colorize some of the elements to match, all the re-sizing and drop shadows! ...but, I DID IT! YEAH!!

This photo is from my daughter's first time meeting her Kindergarten teacher last year. They had an ice cream social about a week before classes started. Melanie commented that since they didn't have any ice cream, they should have called it a "Popcicle Social"! LOL

**The above is what I put on my first layout's post. I re-did the layout a bit a couple months later. I originally posted this October 11, 2005

    Great job!! Love the colors.

    It will only get easier, just have to keep playing!
    yup it will egt easier and you wil get more creative as time goes on, i look back on some of my very first pages..wayyyy back years ago when a computer was new to me and OH MY what was i thinking, and even befroe i joined here a few months back WHAT WAS I THINKING LOL
    your 1st is awsome

    For a first layout this looks good. I like how the photos is tucked under the two ribbons crossed onthe page.