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Missing Grandpa

Missing Grandpa

We lost my Dad 4 years ago in a horrible car accident ... it has taken me a while to work on anything having to do with him... my eyes will be too filled with tears to put anything together ... but this was good. As we are all (still) learning to deal with our loss, my son still misses him so much. I will get through this and work on these pages because he needs them.

CABRBR_SewSimple (stitches)
EHI_AYO-ZmPg_LoveAlways_Emb (cutgreen/ribbon (altered); buttons; thin ribbon)
Fonts: Barbara Hand; Cantaneo

    A beautiful page and tribute to your Dad Diane! I am so sorry about your loss and can't even imagine how hard it is on you to work on something like this!!
    I hope it provides you some comfort!!
    This is a beautiful layout Diane and a touching tribute. Very nicely done.
    This is beautiful, and such a heart-rending tale. I pray it was therapy for you to create it. Loss is so hard. I love the birds in the background, seems symbolic of the flight from this world to the next.
    Wow.... this brought tears to my eyes. This is simply lovely and such a nice tribute.
    Wonderful layout. I like everything you've done. Beautifully done. TFS.
    Oh Diane I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel, but I do think you are right that your son will cherish memories of his grandpa. And the scrapping may just help you with the greiving process. It is a beautiful layout, I really love the title and how you framed this.
    I am so sorry for your loss! This page is a great tribute to your father and your son's love for him. I love the colors and the journaling!
    My heart goes out to you! You have done a beautiful LO in honor of your Father!
    This is a beautiful page Dianne. So touching to scrap them for your son. I love how you put everything together!
    This is beautiful Dianne. What a loving tribute - everything works together beautifully - very moving...