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My first layout p.1

My first layout p.1

These started out as promotional pages for a small business that my sister & I started called "Pixie Pix". My sister sewed a couple of fairy costumes and we made a background and scenery to resemble a forest. We took this stuff along with a computer and printer to craft shows and took photos of little fairies in the forest! I rounded up my some of my girlfriends daughters to take some preliminary photos to use for display and advertising.

As I was making these pages for advertising purposes, I thought of the scrapbooking some of my friends were doing with paper and my new favorite hobby was born!

    WOW! These are amazing photos! Do you still make them?

    I don't do craft shows anymore, but I still have the scenery and the cosutmes and when I get requests for fairy photos I set up at home and take them. My dream would be to have a nice studio behind the house where I could set up and take them on a more regular basis.
    :respect: these are stunning
    I love this layout. The pictures are beautiful. I love faeries so I had to stop and take a look. Great job!