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Two Teeth, One Night
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Two Teeth, One Night

Here's a LO I did of the night our daughters each lost a tooth! It was a very fun night! This LO is not my usual style, and I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with it. But the Sketch lent itself to an edgy look in IMO. So I gave it a try. As usual, the embellishments were tricky for me. I like the color of them, but wonder if the color is too distracting.


Anyway, here it is. And thanks to the PSE Mac Girls who taught me how to make a text box to get my journaling justified! You girls rock!



As the song says, “Oh, what a night!” You BOTH lost a tooth! It was bedtime when Bethany noticed that her first-ever very wiggly tooth she’d been nursing along for almost a month was ready to come out. You wiggled and finally got brave and let Mommy yank it out. There was no crying from the yanking. In fact, Bethany, you were so proud that you grinned from ear to ear. But the blood startled you, and then you cried. Kristen noticed her wiggly tooth (your second) was also ready to come out. You’ve been wanting it to come out since the day your first one came out! You have a knack for just popping them out...no problem. But the best was your celebration! You two were laughing and high-fiving and hugging, not to mention bleeding and swishing and spitting. It was such a great twin sister moment. You haven't done all the milestones at the same time, though you did take your first steps on the same day! But now that you are more aware of your achievements, it important to you if you do it first or second...or even together! You truly celebrated together tonight. And to top it off, you lost the very same tooth in your mouths. Your smiles now show a gap in the same place! So sweet!


Supplies in Details.


TFL. CC welcome...please!



I edited the image after seeing it on the site...with the blending modes used the girls' eyes looked like they'd celebrated a little too much, IYKWIM! It's a LOT better now! LOL!


© &copy DCFD 2008

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Adorable! Your girls are so cute! I especially like the bottom picture. :winking_baby: I never know just how true the colors are on my monitor, but the circle embellishments aren't popping out at me. I LOVE the color of the "two teeth" text. I really like the style of your page- you did a good job.

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I like the style & the pics!

The journaling is really nice. When they

grow up they will love the memories you are scrapping!!!!

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