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A New Life-Dora

A New Life-Dora

As many of you know, our cat Dora has been through a tough time lately. I really hope this surgery is the end of her problems and she can finally settle in to our home and feel comfortable around us. She is showing signs of it, but we won't know for sure until after her staples come out and she has free reign of the house again (she isn't supposed to climb up stairs yet). Anyway, I wanted to document all that Dora and our family has been through.

    This is a great lo! Poor Dora - I sure hope everything works out!
    My goodness, Carla, Dora looks just like my Abbie! I sure hope Dora is on her way to full recovery. Beautiful LO. Don't you just love this month's collection? Give Dora a pat on the head and tell her a cat lover in Michigan sends her best!
    What a great LO. Dora looks like a cat our neighbor once had that we called pea brain and who we loved very much! Sure hope she recovers quickly and gets back to running your household once again!
    Oh, poor cat! I hope she gets better real soon and doesn't have any more problems. Love your LO, that little mouse is cute too!
    Aww Poor baby dora...hope she is feeling better now & looks way better without her scone on her!! Lovely color here Carla!!! fits a pretty kitty!

    Oh poor baby! I hope she feels better soon and yeah sometimes people don't do the job right the first time :( I'm glad that she bonded with Lauren and that she will get better!
    such a sweet page~ it is so hard to feel attached when we can't comunicate our needs,hopefully this will show your love.
    Ohh poor baby, but I do like the LO!!
    Poor, sweet kitty! I like the colors of foliage/flowers you used with the paper colors and the stitching border is really fun!
    Such a cute layout and a wonderful little furbaby you have. I sure hope that Dora is better by now. I love the pink and green colors you chose and of course, that cute little mouse hiding under your journaling. Too sweet. Love to Dora.