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5th Birthday

5th Birthday

I think this was the first time my older son purposely made a mess of his face and hammed it up for a photo. He thinks it is sooo funny that now he seems to do it every time he eats something with frosting!

Products Used:
CBA Inked Edges 4101 Basics
MRE Dynamic Inky 5001 brush
MRE Edge It effects
MST Lined Charcoal brush
ABR Commotion collection
ASO Trendy Dude paper

fonts: Kabel, Candara, Mom's Typewriter

created in PSE 5

For the "5", I typed a big blue 5 in Kabel font, then layered the Commotion paper with numbers over it. I think I used the luminosity blending mode to turn it all blue.

Thanks for looking!

    Great lo! I love the pictures!! The "5" looks awesome!
    Neat LO! He is sooooo cute!
    It is cute how they think they
    are so funny & then they really get silly!!
    "5" is such a fun age:)
    Great job!