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fliffy for April Recipe Swap Crop

fliffy for April Recipe Swap Crop

credits : swirl by lisa awesome stuff
ribbon by Kit Lolipop par kawouette

im so excited giving out my mum's recipe for you
this is my 1st try out and it taste yummilicious

i hope u like it :)

thanks for trying lol

    Looks yummy, my son loves coconut and chicken-he'll definitely want to try this.
    Dh loves coconut and chicken, too, so I'll definitely be trying this! I love the swirls and ribbon. Thanks for sharing this, Fliffy!
    That looks so delicious. I will have to track down the ingredients and try it. Thanks for sharing your family recipe with us. I love your layout. It is perfect for your recipe! Great job.
    This is awesome Fliffy! I like coconut and chicken too so will have to try this later :)
    fliffy, I can't wait to try this recipe! it looks sooo good. Love the LO too.
    Brenda C.
    Very pretty card. My dh does not like coconut. Could I substitute milk? He would like the spice of the chili paste.
    thanks girls :) hope u like it

    siskitkat : milk should be ok and fun !!!
    This sounds delicious and the picture is very appetizing! TFS!
    Fliffy this looks delicious AND your card is beautiful! Wonderful recipe for your first recipe swap - thanks for sharing your Mom's recipe!

    Thank you for sharing!! I love the card!