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My first paper layout

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Okay, well, DON't LAUGH but this is it, my very first paper layout. This is what pushed me to learn so much more in re of scrapbooking. I wanted to put all of my photos in scrapbooks, especially after realizing how fatal to my beloved photos it was for me to stick them ina magnetic page styled photo album. Believe me I have tons of photo's, but this was my very first attempt at a paper scrapbook, soon after this I went digital, and once I found ScrapGirls, well, It has been much much better since then, ;).

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Yes, you have come a long way. But these are great family photos, probably with lots of memories, and that's what makes this special.

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Guest kaycee0501

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Don't you just LOVE looking back at where you've come from... I know I do!!!!


Thanks for sharing.... even though the cringe factor was prob there for you :)

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