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Swapcrop for ZAZ

Swapcrop for ZAZ

Here is my page for Zaz.
Spring has been slow to come to MN.
Zaz gave me some great photos of the ice melting on the lake.

I used the Patternology and french market collections.

I hope she likes it.


    This is Beautiful Shelbi! I love it...I don't see any typos :)
    Zaz doesn't like it. She LOVES it! I gave you some of the most boring photos known to mankind and you did a remarkable job with them. This one is going in my office. :) You KNOW how emotional I am about the ice going out. These are last years photos. The ice is STILL on the lakes around here. I could cry. And when it finally leaves SOON, I'll cry then, too. ;)

    Thanks so much, Michelle!!!!
    Shelbi - wowie wow! Very lovely LO ... you did a great job!
    LOVE this! The photos really do so nicely showcase spring on a lake!
    What beautiful photos and lovely LO you've created. I love how you did the title across the top.
    This is awesome!!! I really like what you have done with the big photo. It looks like the water will move at any moment. Great LO!!
    Gorgeous layout. You have done a terriffic job with this layout. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    Absolutely stunning. Fabulous photos and what a fabulous job you did in laying them out. Simply lovely.

    Wow Michelle what a fantastic layout you have done for Carol Ann! I love the paper, the large photo AND the way you framed and positioned the two smaller photos! Beautiful layout for Zaz's beautiful photos!
    Wow, this is gorgeous! What a beautiful way to showcase these photos! Thanks for joining the swap!