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Thanks to Valerie Randall's "Fish Digital Stickers" and "Beachin", here's my rendition of the ocean.

Technique: "Water Color & Oils"

1. Background paper recolored slightly.
2. Picture of my daughter standing on the beach extracted. Her image then had a "cutout" filter applied.
3. The mermaid fin is just made by creating my own shape. I then filled it with a transitional green from light green to bright green. Finally, a chalk filter and then a sparkle filter is applied.
4. The sea grass is made with a watercolor paintbrush and my new Waco tablet. Actually only one blade was made. It was then just duplicated multiple times. Each blade was then distorted in different ways as well as different hues given. About 8 blades were then connected as one layer. This layer was then duplicated, reversed, lowered downward, and distorted again slightly so that it looks like all blades of grass are different. The bottom line effect is two separate layers of about 8 blades of grass each.
5. One layer of grass is placed behind the photo of my daughter and one in front of it so that there's the illusion she's walking through a field of sea grass.
6. A colored pencil filter was applied to each layer of grass.
7. The digital fish stickers were placed between the two layers of grass. Some were duplicated and recolored to match my color scheme.
8. The treasure chest and final overlay came from another site.

Program: Microsoft Digital Image
Font: None

    And what a beautiful ocean it is - great work here!
    This is very eye catching. I love how you did this.
    This is really beautiful, your daughter must love it, it looks like she is in her own fantasy garden under the sea. It would make a great mural in a kids room. :respect:
    What an absolutely stunning layout! I love everything about it - beautiful just beautiful! I bet your daughter will frame and hang this in her room! Beautiful!
    I really like everything you've done here! I've been wanting to make my DD into a mermaid & have the perfect pic but have yet to attempt it. You did a great job!
    Super !! excellent job here!!
    What a FUN layout!! Great job!