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This is my lo from the pj party color challenge on NSD - blue & black taken from my blue Snoopy pjs.


Journaling reads:

It's so fun to watch Darren and Tyler as they get old enough to start playing and having fun together. For some reason, one of their favorite things to do is crowd around the portable dvd player, even though they could watch their movies on the full-size tv.


Supplies in the details.

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I bet I'd love your pajamas!!! Great layout! I love the grungy type and the grunge frames!

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What a great layout. I love the grunge and the title. Great work and thanks for sharing.



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I'm always drawn to LOs of brothers. This is simply wonderful. I love how you caught shrek on the screen, too. It's kind of like a timestamp. :D I have two boys also (2 & 1) and I cherish the time when I find them doing things like this - where the "brother" and "friend" meet. Isn't it great?

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