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News Story!

News Story!

Just a funny- I am in one of THOSE moods today! Yesterday I actually caught Clark with his feet in the planter, digging away happily! Grabbed the camera, but wasn't quite quick enough, so got this shot instead!

    Tee Hee Hee!! I like how you made this look like a newspaper article. Very fun! :)
    That is a very clever idea! Very funny news story - you're an excellent journalist! And the suspect, I think I might see a little bit of green on his front right paw! Great LO!
    Oh too cute. They both look so innocent. Love the "article", very well written!

    This is absoultely adorable! So creative and it put much needed smile on my face today. I would have never thought to create something like this. I may have to scraplift it at some point.

    That is just so cute! Look at those faces....so innocent!
    I love this, Kaye! Your journaling made me laugh. And, paired with the photo, it's priceless. :)
    Kaye, that is so funny (not for your poor roses though) I agree with Ann, they look so innocent.
    Very cool Kaye !! I like it alot
    Awesome journaling! Very creative and clever! :)
    Fun layout Kaye! Caught in the act. Great journaling! Don't let them near my planters. :D