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Mother's Day

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This sample layout is from the class "The Art and Importance of Journaling"






It will be fourteen years this fall since you died. Some days I feel so angry at all the things I have missed with you. We never talked about boys, we never went to the mall together, we weren’t ever “friends.” I was too young and you were too sick. Sometimes I am so jealous of other people’s relationships with their moms. I needed you in high school to help me deal with all my friends and their problems. I needed you when I was getting ready for my first date. I needed you in college, when I was trying to do it on my own for the first time. I needed you at my first vocal recital, when I forgot the words and my voice cracked. I needed you when I got engaged. I needed you at my wedding, when I was waiting for the ceremony to begin. I needed you when my babies were born, and when they were sick for the first time, and at their blessing, and birthdays. Some days I wish I could talk to you, ask your advice. Some days I want to scream and throw things because it’s not fair that I missed out on having you there so many times when I needed you.


But, you gave me wonderful older sisters. Charlotte was there when four of my friends in high school attempted suicide. She helped me choose a dress for prom. She helped me find my first job and my first apartment. She helped me move when my roommates got to be more than I could take. She made my wedding dress. She sat with me before the ceremony. Eleanor helped me plan my wedding. She talks to me every day, we share the day to day triumphs and failures. Kristin gave me “the talk.” She helps me know that I’m doing okay with Megan, who is so smart academically, that I can’t keep up. She has your gift for teaching. Alison has given me so much advice about raising kids. She keeps me grounded, keeps things in perspective. And she keeps me busy thinking of ways to serve others. Combined, I think they have done a pretty fair job of being there when you couldn’t be. They are the first people I call when I am happy, and when I am sad. And I love them for it.


And, although I didn’t have you for nearly long enough, you set me on the path of who I am today. You taught me to love the Lord. You taught me to love to sing. You taught me to love classical music and opera. You taught me to love flowers and plants (I still love them, even if I have a black thumb). You taught me to love books and learning, to love education.


But still, at this time of year, when it’s almost your birthday, and Mother’s Day is coming, sometimes I feel a little sad. A little jealous. I miss you.

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Wow, I'm trying to hold back tears as I sit at my desk at work!


The first thing I noticed about your LO was the pic and it brought back memories of my childhood. Every Mother's Day our church had a "program" where all of us kids memorized poems and sang about our Mothers. On Mother's Day we wore a flower pinned to our dress. Red for those who's mom was alive and white if she had passed on. When we were quite young, my friend lost her mother and I remember the first Mother's Day when she wore her white flower. Then, at a young age still, my grandmother passed away and I remember the first (and all other) Mother's Day that my own mother had to wear her white flower. I have not thought of that in years!


When I read your first paragraph, I was so saddened for you and your loss. Then when I got to the second, I thought how blessed you are to have these people in your life! Some of us have our Mom with us every day and still do not have any of those types of relationships.


I hope you have a nice Mother's Day and can cherish and honour the memories you do have of you mom.

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Anna this is beautiful. The journaling is wonderful and insightful. You should print this one out for your sisters, it is a lovely tribute to the part they play in your life. I can't imagine what it is like to grow up without your mother, what a void that would be. But you were certainly blessed to be surrounded by such a loving family. Thanks for sharing this LO, have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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Oh my! Your layout instantly caught my eye due to how beautiful it is. And your journalling brought a tear(s) to my eyes. Such a heartfelt layout. It has left me sitting here pretty much speechless. I'm glad you had your sisters there for you. Like Tonya said, there are people who never have those type of relationships their whole lives.

I sit back and look at this as a piece of art. The soft shades, the feminine touches seem to represent the love and feelings toward your mother, while that one piece of hardware, the hinge, shows your strength.

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OH my gosh - bawling here . . . what a wonderful layout. Not only is it beautiful, but the journaling is amazing.

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