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Mom's Purse

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This sample layout is from the class "The Art and Importance of Journaling"




synonym \`si-ne-nim\ n: one or more words or expressions that have the same or nearly the same meaning.

for example: garbage can, waste basket, recycle bin, and mom’s purse


My sisters and I often joke about mom’s purse really being a portable garbage can. If you looked in my purse right now I’m sure you would find old pictures the kids left on the bench at church. Candy wrappers the kids handed me instead of dropping them on the ground, old shopping lists and several other things with life all their own that might take a finger off if you’re not careful. (We got rid of the honey butter packet left over from the restaurant that had only sprung a tiny leek.)


Last week I was sitting at the park watching all the other mom’s and kids playing. One very nice mom held out her hand to catch the chewed up carrots her baby spit out. Now I ask you what do you do with a handful of chewed up carrot. You wipe it on a Kleenex then carefully fold up the Kleenex and put it in your purse vowing to yourself that you will through it away as soon as you get home.


Across from her I saw a mom hugging her young daughter who had fallen off the slide. To help with the hurt the mom offered her daughter a lifesaver. A few moments later I saw the little daughter thought fully give the now very sticky lifesaver back to her mother. Her words were, “Here mom I’m okay now! You can have the rest.” After a polite thank you the little girl ran off to play. The mom very carefully wrapped the life saver in a wet wipe and put in her purse.


Another mom received a lovely bouquet of dandelions mixed with morning glory. As they left I saw her (at the insistence of her children) carefully put them in her purse for safe transportation home.


Oh how I would love a sticky life savor, a dandelion, even a handful of carrots. As gross as that sounds they represent emotional attachment so critical for development not found in children with autism. Giving with the intent of making someone else happy (no matter how sticky and dirty that lifesaver is) is a priceless gift. Cherish those “Sticky” moments and know that mom’s purse is a synonym for garbage can.


Alison Campbell


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Your LO captured my eye because of the purse. I thought..."hmmm, I wonder what all that journalling is about." As I began to read I was tempted to just skim but I reminded myself to really read the whole journal entry. WOW, I wasn't expecting the ending and it made me really reflect.


Thanks for writing and sharing such a wonderful journal entry.

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