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On Days Like These

On Days Like These

I used the following Scrap Girls products:
Just the Basics Paper Biggie
ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Stained
Golden Memories Collection Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools-Actions: Paper Tears PSE 5001
Brush Set: Stains
Brush Set: Splatter

This sample layout is from the class "The Art and Importance of Journaling"


One Sunday morning we were just gathering a few things before leaving for church. Daddy and I both went into the bedroom to get our coats. When we came out, we found Jared swimming in a pool of chocolate milk. He had decided that he wanted a glass, and so he tried to pour himself some. He poured half a gallon into a little sippy cup, as it overflowed it pooled on the kitchen floor and splashed on the carpet. Jared was covered; his white Sunday shirt dyed chocolate brown. By the time we got everything cleaned up, we were 20 minutes late for church.

A few days later, Jared found the soy sauce bottle in the fridge. Before anyone could stop him, he drew designs all over the beige carpet. He was so proud of his handy work.

There are days when I wonder how we will ever survive these days, when Jared is so curious and smart.

    yep.... i have two "curious" boys. But I had to chuckle at this story. Especially the soy sauce. You've got a support group in me if you ever need one! haha!
    Great layout Anna. These are great memories to capture, loved the journaling, TFS.

    Cute! I have had half a jug of milk poured into a little cup too.... :)
    Cute story - never had a chocolate milk spill quite like that - a couple extra pours into the cereal bowl, but it was at least white milk. Great job of journaling.