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Our family loves to go fishing so this really jumped out at me. Wonderful job. I love what you did on this layout.

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Guest Peppi

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I love the reflection in the picture and how you composed the page with the overlay for the waves and the red color. Beautiful!

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Wonderful layout. I wouldn't change anything. Using a red background was a great idea becaue it helps the red in one of the boys shirt stand out....then by focusing on the red shirt, you can then focus on all three figures in the middle. I love the grid on the outer edges of the photo...it really makes it feel like the photo is part of the paper...it makes this layout feel like one complete "organism". You could have cropped the standing figure out of the photo....but then it would almost be hard to figure out what is going on in the photo. The figure on the right helps us to realize that there is some fishin going on. I love that picture too. The figures are almost silohuetted....but you can still see the colors. The viewer is overwhelmed with the colors of everyones clothing....the viewer can focus on this "moment" that is happening between 3 fellows. I also like the glow/reflection in between the three middle figures. Great job!!!

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