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The photo isn't the best, but I wanted to use it anyway.
I used the urban living collection.
Would love some CC

    I think this is adorable!! :) I love the paper you used and the great title. The only thing I would suggest is center-aligning your journaling text, just so that it's a little more balanced. I also think layering the Rock and Superstar on top of each other will give them more connection to each other.

    Really, though, I think this is great! :D (And it doesn't matter that the photo's not that perfect one, because it simply tells the story you want to tell. So it totally works.)
    Love what you've captured in this photo and layout. I like Laurel's suggestions. Fun layout! TFS.
    Great layout!!

    Im no expert but you might want to make the green mat to go more around your photo....

    and i would take the ipod out of the sentence and just keep the bigger Ipod word.....But JMO....

    Really like what you have going here!!
    Thanks for the great ideas ladie!!!

    Mary~ thanks for suggesting to take out the extra ipod, didn't even think of that.
    I think you have done a great job with this layout. I too like Laurel's suggestions but thats up to you. If you do make any changes I would love to see what you come up with.

    This is great! Love the picture, it speaks in itself. Love the colors you chose to go with it. Laurel's suggestions are great. I have nothing to add here!
    This is a great layout. I too agree with Laurel and Mary's suggestion. Maybe make the Rock Star just a tad larger, and shadow for some depth. Look really good to me.
    Love it! And even if the photo might not be technically "perfect" - it is just right for this occasion and LO!

    And your son even has the "Heavy Metal Salute" down!!! LOL!
    Just shows about personal preferences.I actually liked the distressed ipod behind the sentence.It ,for me balances out the pattern on the right.I agree the title rock star should be more "connected" but I think this is a great layout that they will love even more as they grow.The colours work great and I can see hy you would want to use that photo.I think it is great
    Michelle, I think the photo speaks for itself, no problem there.

    Withe the few journaling alignments suggested above, I think you will have a "rockin LO"

    Maybe the frame would help connect it, I'd have to see it on and without it... I'm on the fence with that one...

    I've seen one (different subject matter) but the frame was done in like that color scheme but made glossy green that make rock it out ot the house...