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Vally of fire national park

Vally of fire national park

I used:
AWI brush set stamp a date
SNU ss paper photographic proof

I'm not sure if this page is "done"

This is from our trip to vegas. We went to Valley of Fire national park.


    Love that photographic proof thing!! I hadn't seen that before but now, because of how you used it, I think I need it! Love the proof page stuck up in that corner. Great pics and great way to show a lot of them!
    This is Fantastic! If you are not doing a companion layout I would add a wee bit of journaling on the roadway so it does not interfere with the rest of the beautiful Photos.
    I love how you took a picture of the park sign and used it as your page title and the flower pictures are beautiful!
    Love what you did with the proof page! Great photos and layout. :D
    Love it! I'll have to save this as a favorite. I am sure that I will take some pictures during our move across the country. This gives me an idea of how to use those photos.
    Wow! Love those photos, it looks like a beautiful place to visit.
    I really like the stamped date in the corner. The proof page is a great way to include a lot of photos. Nice job.
    Wow - this looks fantastic and what great photos!!!
    Wow - this looks fantastic and what great photos!!!
    I really like the framed cluster of photos laid over the larger photos as the background. Clever!