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Tyler's 2nd birthday

Tyler's 2nd birthday

I always put off birthday pages because honestly, I don't find the pictures all that inspiring - it seems like its the same pictures year after year after year....

I finally found something to get me going - thanks to Valerie's great birthday stuff.

Supplies in the details.

    I think you did a great job. I like the '2' in green to bring that out of your circle paper.
    I really like all the lifted photos! I know what you are saying about uninspiring photos but I have also found that once a bit of time goes by they become rather special photos! this is a lovely LO and one that Tyler will enjoy when he is older.
    Cute LO! I am with you on the bday pics but you made yours look great! Love the colors!
    Looks like a fun birthday! I really like how you have arranged your photos...... they look great, and the LO doesn't look cluttered at all. Great job!