Missing You

This is one of my favorite photos. Mainly because it's one of the few good photos of my brother, my sister, & I. It was taken by one of my parents in 1982. Unfortunately, we lost our brother in 2002. Each May is the anniversary of our loss, though we miss him each & every day. Our brother Billy was such a sweet, gentle person. A really special guy, I especially miss his boisterous laughter.



Blossoms & Blooms: Winter, Brandy Hackman

Flowering Flourishes Collection, Gillian Hurst

Mother's Typewriter Font, Lettering Delights

SSEmb Tmplts: Journal Strips Biggie, Syndee Nuckles

SSPaper Tmplts: Family Room, Erica Hite

SSTools - Actions: Edge It, Melissa Renfro

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This is a lovely tribute for your brother. You will need to print this out for yourself and your sister, you did a beautiful job.

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Really beautiful. As Trishy said, a wonderful tribute! Put it in a place of honor in your home!

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oh Katherine.. this is beautiful, sadly I too know your pain...if you ever need to chat just drop me a line... we've just had the second anniversary of our loss and it doesn't seem to get any easier.

stay strong, I understand completley

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